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Router functions and the types

Part of you might not know what a router and its usefulness. For that I'll explain a little about the meaning of the router. Router is a networking device that is used to divide the protocol to the other network members, with the router so a protocol may be sharing the other network devices. The router serves as the primary liaison between two or more networks to carry data from one network to another. The difference is that the switch is a switch connecting multiple devices to form a Local Area Network (LAN).

Examples of its application is that if we want to divide the IP Address to members of the network so we can use this router, the router features is the facility DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol), by setting up DHCP, then we can divide the IP address, other facilities of the Router is presence of NAT (Network Address Translator) that could allow an IP Address or Internet connection be shared to another IP address.

Types of Router

1. Router Hardware
Hardware is a hardware router that has the ability sepertiu router, so that the hardware can transmit or share IP addresses and to sharing the IP Address, in practice Router hardware is used to share Internet connection on a space or area, an example of this is the access router point, an area that can receive IP address and internet connection is called Hot Spot Area

2. PC Router
Router Operating System is a PC that has the facility to share and mensharing IP Address, so if a network device (PC) connected to a computer will be able to enjoy the IP Address or Internet connection that is spread by the operating system, the operating system instance can be used is all client server-based operating systems, such as Windows NT, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 server, Windows 2003 Server, MikroTik (Linux based), and others.

3. Application Router
Router application is an application that we can install the operating system pad, so the operating system will have capabilities such as routers, application examples are WinRoute, WinGate, SpyGate, WinProxy and others.

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