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How to create a network via Wi-Fi Windows 7

How to create a network via Wi-Fi Windows 7

If among the computers connected to the Internet network or a cable modem using GSM / CDMA why do not we make a Wi-Fi alone wrote. Sharring internet can do the work together with your friends without the need to have additional devices. We simply capitalize the operating system Windows 7 on a computer or laptop that is equipped with Wireless Adapter. Certainly would have been available on the laptop.

With the features of Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter Wi-Fi is in the bundle with the operating system Windows 7, you will be able to create a virtual network of Wi-Fi. And to facilitate the setting that you can simply use the application Connectifity .

Connectifity itself is an application that replaces the function Wireless Rauter. With this application have been able to connect to the virtual world Sharring. How to use it enough in setting the password to install Wi-Fi connection name click start to start. Furthermore, to enable it as Wi-Fi in general, just enter the password

Please download the application first Connectify here

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