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Understanding the hard drive and type

Hard drive is a secondary storage device where data is stored as magnetic pulses on a rotating metal disc that is integrated. function of a hard drive is for data storage. Components in the disk consists of several components sepsrti picture above.

Type - Type Hard Drive
A. V Disk ATA / EIDE EIDE hard disk with the type (Enhanced Integrated Electronic Drive) or the type of ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) is the latest version of a standard disk interfaces corresponding for connection to the bus, many manufacturers have a range of disk drive the interface EIDE / ATA, such disks can be directly connected to the PCI bus, which is used in many PC (personal computer). Advantages drive EIDE / ATA significant is the price is quite cheap, because its use in the PC market. One of the main shortcomings is required a separate controller for each drive if two drives used together to improve performance. One of already well-known chip manufacturer controller includes a allows disk EIDE / ATA is connected directly to the motherboard.
2. V SCSI disks, many disk has a user interface designed to connect to a standard SCSI bus. Disk is likely to be more expensive, but has better performance, which is possible due to excess SCSI bus than the PCI bus. Concurrent access can be done to a lot of disk drive because the drive interface is actively connected to the SCSI bus only when the drive is ready to transfer data. This is especially useful in applications where there are a large number of requests for small files, which often occurred in the computer used as a file server.
3. Disk RAID, promising performance remarkable and provides a large and reliable storage. Disk is used both in high-performance computers or in a system that requires more reliability Cleaner than normal levels. However, with the decline in prices to more affordable levels, the disk becomes more attractive even for a computer system with the size of the average - average.
4. SATA disks, hard disk of type SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment), the disk interface ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) with a version of the series using a thin wire cable that has a small total of about two-thirds of the total cable drive with EIDE or ATA disk type, amounting to 39 pins and SATA has a very high speed data transmission and reducing latency. So the serial bus is capable of exceeding the speed parallel bus.
5. SATA to transfer data sequentially or via serial cable and also developing their own techniques SATA disk connected to the motherboard without a system master or slave, so that the SATA cables can only be used on a single hard disk. Type of hard disk that has been discussed, all of them fall into the category of internal hard disk, that is to be installed in the The CPU. In addition there are also internal hard disk external hard drive (hard disk which is outside the CPU), so it can be moved - move. Have an external hard disk rotation speed of 7200 rpm, very easy installation, no need to disassemble your PC and simply by connecting to a PC USB port, and can transfer data at 480 Mbps.

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