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The new output from ATI

ATI Radeon HD 5870

ATI today launched a new family of ATI HD 5000 graphics card. Expenditure is equipped with RV800 chipset. HD 5000 series graphics cards are
first came to the CHIP Lab is HIS HD 5870 from the manufacturer. ATI HD 5870 specs that CHIP receive is 850 MHz core clock and memory clock of 4800 MHz. GDDR5 memory is used with a size of 1 GB and 256-bit memory bandwidth. While stream processors on the HD 5870 amounted to 1600 stream processors. Graphics card power supply obtained from two 6-pin power connector
To display output, although it is still the reference output is provided including a full diplay. Like, two DVI, HDMI, and Display Port. By connecting the three pieces to the output diplay monitor available, you can enjoy the new features ATI Eyefinity.

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