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Free Download Latest Firefox9

 Latest Free Download Firefox9 For those of you who want to have the latest version of firefox you can download it here 2012. Download right away and feel the difference ari firefox previously.

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The advantages of this latest Firefox include:

As it is known that the plumpness crashes that often occur by the users of Firefox is because Andaya plugin error on Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime, or Microsoft Silverlight. But in Mozilla Firefox 9 This latest update there is, if one of the plugins used to crash or freeze, it will not affect the overall performance of the browser. You need to do hanyalan reload the page function to restart the plugin and try again to call back.
  2. POWERFUL Personalization
  4. UNIVERSAL Accsess

The form in which the ease of browsing. In Firefox is facilitated in the view bar is attractive and simple for users, then the firefox tab 9 is easier, then stay in sync this service allows us to access the browsing history buddy, password, bookmark, and menyimppan tabs that you open.

Then there is also easy search service is easier for us in the search, we can look for keywords with various search engines like google, bing, yahoo, wikipedia and others.

S atu more advantage of Firefox 9 is for Mac OS X you can use the facilities "two-finger swipe navigation". So whether you are interested to download the latest Mozilla Firefox firefox 9 please download the following link

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