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firefox9 equipped with security and javascript

haloo, new news for loyal customers firefox, recently launched the latest version of Firefox, the Firefox version 9.
Firefox version 9 has passed and now the beta version can be downloaded even though not yet officially announced, the advantages offered by Firefox version 9 is increased so that the JavaScript engine can load up to 30 percent faster than previous versions.
Lainnnya advantage is, if one of the plugins that used to crash or freeze, it will not affect the overall performance of the browser. All you need to do is reload the page to restart the plugin and try again. Unlike the previous version, when a plugin crashes, it should be in close firefox and open again.
The other part that has improved on Firefox version 9 is on the memory that claimed far more efficient because the new interface type is a method to decide and set the type of a variable in the JavaScript runtime. In terms of security, Firefox Version 9 has a security that can automatically keep

your device from viruses Malware, Trojans and spyware
For those of you Mac OS X Lion Users will also get a more beautiful by using a theme that has been refurbished integration and support two-finger swipe. In addition to directly view the changes you see, the Mozilla also do some repairs on the Firefox engine such as support for HTML5, MathML and CSS.

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