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AMD's Fusion Processor Gives Birth

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is a manufacturer or processor IC (integrated circuit) In 2006 also, AMD has managed to acquire an American company that is famous Graphics ATI Tecnology. AMD also managed to equal the leading processor of intel.Dengan development era is a very fast AMD, also do not want to miss on the latest technology.

Long enough   AMD   use the jargon "Future is Fusion", and the day
this   AMD   officially launched their first Fusion-based platform with the name of the Brazos   computing offering "low power" which contains the Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Units) first codename Ontario (single   core   C series) and Zacate (   dual   core   E series).

AMD   introducing 4 chip that contains 2 singles   core   (C-30, C-50) and 2   dual   core   (E-240, E-350) are built based on TSMC 40nm with   core   Bobcat x86, DDR3 IMC, and DirectX 11 Graphic   core   with 80 Stream Processor. This solution offers a smooth playback of HD video without any interruption "stutter-ing" like graphicnya performance and battery life of up to a full day, and ready to be used for desktops, notebooks, and HD netbooks are supported from vendors - leading vendors such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

Senior Vice President as well as General Manager   AMD   Product Group said that   AMD   Fusion is simple, and has a great advantage since the introduction of processing the x86 instruction 40 years ago. The first products based   Brazos   (AMD   2011 low-power platform) began unveiled today and should have been available from this Quarter.

In addition, we also see where the product segmentation   AMD   boom in notebooks and desktops. Sabine will be the next platform to merge the Fusion-based APU   AMD   Llano integrated, and targeted to compete with Intel,   Core   I3 5, and 7 Arrandale processor lineup with graphics

The main platform 2011 is primarily intended for mainstream performance and mainstream notebooks and desktops. It will feature the 32nm die A-Series "Llano" APU, which includes up to four   core   x86 and GPU DirectX 11-capable discrete-level, and Shiping scheduled in early 2011 and appeared in the mid-year product.

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